Why You Should Choose Kare-A-Lot Preschool!

Parents want what’s best for their children, especially when it comes to their childcare needs. There are a lot of great daycare centers out there, and there are a lot of lousy ones, too. So how can you truly tell if the daycare center you are considering sending your children to is a good one or not?

You could check out their website, take a tour, and talk to the director about any questions or concerns you have. You can also look at the reviews that have been left by parents. Good and bad reviews can give you a good picture of a daycare center.

Did you know that Kare-A-Lot Preschool has TONS OF GREAT 5-STAR PARENT REVIEWS ON GOOGLE? So if you have been considering Kare-A-Lot Preschool for your child, make sure you read all of our great reviews! That could be the thing that makes the final decision for you to come on over here!

We are so happy with the experience we have had bringing our 18 month old to this center! Like many first time parents, the thought of trusting our child to strangers was daunting. We enrolled in this program while on the waitlist for another, but it didn’t take long for us to deicide to just stick with Kare-a-Lot instead 🙂 Everyone at the facility is lovely; Gladys, “Gaga” loves and cares for our baby as her own. We never expected our very attached tot to get so comfortable so quickly. She screamed everyday for a week, but now she quickly waves bye-bye to us at the door because she’s excited to start her day. It makes the work-life struggle and parental guilt far more bearable. The photos and updates on the app throughout the day make it even better. No, this facility doesn’t have all the bells and whistles with modern well-lit “minimalist” rooms (to be honest, this is what drew us to the other facility initially). But if what you’re really looking for is trust, genuine care, and safety, we would highly recommend you put this facility on your list.” –A.T.

“I was a stay a home mom before putting my three year old in their care in August. Needless to say I was extremely apprehensive. When I came to check the place out I was extremely impressed with Melinda’s level of professionalism and how she explained everything. Lets just say she knows what she is doing! They were extremely understanding that my daughter has never been without me and she did great! They were attentive to her needs and within the first few weeks she had no troubles at all! They answered all my questions and are extremely professional. I look forward to putting her younger sister there when the time comes!”Nora Mzibri

“I have been sending my children to Kare-a-lot for three years now and have been very pleased with their care. The teachers are amazing, so sweet and love these children. Many have been working their for years so turnover is lower compared to other daycares I have seen. Leadership is responsive and professional. Anytime I have questions, concerns I can easily call or email and they are very fast to get back to me. I have also been very impressed with the precautions they have been taking due to COVID. The precautions have been smart, follow all the guidelines but also have somehow not been overwhelming and make total sense.” – Annie McDaniel

You can check out other positive reviews from our amazing parents here! We love the children we have the privilege of taking care of, and we hope your child can be another addition to our sweet crew soon!