4 Positive Effects of Daycare on Childhood Development

A high-quality childcare center has many positive effects on early childhood development. The first step to making sure your child reaps these benefits is to find a quality childcare center

Once you have done that, you can see these aspects of your child’s life start to flourish!

4 Positive Effects of Daycare on Childhood Development

Promotes Healthy Social Behaviors

Enrollment at a high-quality daycare center can have a profound and lasting role in a child’s social and emotional development. 

A daycare setting provides many consistent opportunities for children to develop empathy, resilience, and positive social behaviors that will serve them well as they continue to grow.

Fosters Communication Skills

When kids have abundant opportunities to interact with both peers and trusted adults, like in a daycare center, they also have abundant opportunities to develop their communication skills through observation and practice.

Caregivers are able to help give support and guidance as kids work through familiar situations and new ones, helping to teach them the foundational skills of empathy and open communication that they will use throughout their whole life.

This also allows children the opportunity to build meaningful connections with their trusted caregivers; research shows that these kinds of bonds play a significant role in strengthening kids’ communication skills as well.

Supports School Readiness and Academic Achievement

A high-quality childcare center is going to have education programs and activities that help develop a child’s cognitive growth and prepare them for their upcoming school years

An age-appropriate curriculum with attention for each child as they learn can provide the solid foundation needed for future education and can foster a love for learning.

Grant Aldrich, the CEO of OnlineDegree, says, “the early childhood education program lays the foundation for later years of schooling, even up to higher education. Studies have shown that students who attend an early childhood education program are more likely to graduate high school and attend college.” 

Cultivates Confidence

A quality daycare center will offer many new experiences for children to learn from and through as well, and this lends to a child developing their sense of their own competence as they continue to master new skills. When children feel capable and competent, they develop strong confidence in themselves as well.

These little victories will help build a child’s confidence in that they can take on new challenges and can accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

A quality childcare center has so many different positive effects on early childhood development. What are some ways you’ve seen your child flourish since being enrolled in their high-quality childcare center?