Looking for Preschools Around Columbus, OH?

Finding the right preschool can determine a lot for your child’s early elementary school years, so shopping around for a quality preschool is really important. Some of the things you may look for in a good preschool could be smaller class sizes, higher teacher retention, and comprehensive curriculums; but one of the other research elements that help parents make informed decisions on the best preschool for their child is parent reviews of different preschool centers.

If you are looking for preschools around Columbus, OH, then make sure to check out our parent reviews! Here at Kare-A-Lot Preschool, we love all of our parents and kids, and we appreciate the kind words they have to say about us!

Parent Reviews for Kare-A-Lot Preschool, OH!

My daughter goes to this daycare and within in two weeks of her being there she was walking. I love her teacher we have great communication via in person or through the brightwheel app. I feel a comfortable and safe to drop my daughter off in a clean and safe environment where she will be treated well and took care of for eight hours. Everyone is so wonderful from director to teachers. Great place to enroll your child.” –Danyelle Crosby

“Our boys (age 5 and 19 mo) have attended since 3 months old. The teachers here treat the children like gold. The young infant room teachers have been there for 10+ years and know more about raising children than I ever will. We have seen consistent development milestones reached, both physically and mentally. They helped encourage potty training. We get artwork and crafts daily. They serve breakfast, snacks, and healthy lunch and provide milk. Plenty of space for indoor and outdoor play. They make it a point to stay open as much as possible and realize that working families are depending on them. It will be bittersweet when our boys leave this place.” –Joshua Hill

We have had our daughter here for about a year and a half. The teachers are excellent. Our daughter literally insists on giving them a hug before she leaves everyday. They have indoor and outdoor play equipment and have a great structured curriculum. I would highly recommend. They have reasonable hours and provide meal services.” –Erich Wessel

“My children attended daycare here for over two years and we had a wonderful experience. It wasn’t until we moved away and had the chance to tour other facilities again, that we realized how lucky we were. The teachers are polite, caring and friendly and also give great effort to help the kids learn. Detailed curriculum is given and followed. Highly recommend this place if you’re looking. Thank you Kare-A-Lot!” –Erin Mickley