Being a toddler is hard work. At Kare-a-Lot, we have two toddler rooms, a Toddler I room for children 2 to 2 ½ and a Toddler II room for children who are 2 ½ to 3 who are potty training. At this age children are beginning to express complex emotions, learn their boundaries, push for their independence and start to toilet train. At Kare-a-Lot, our teachers have years of experience to help children be successful in all these areas. Our toddler program provides toys and activities for self discovery. All of our activities are based upon our curriculum and our Toddler Goals and Objectives.
We provide all the food your child will need throughout the day including a breakfast snack, lunch and afternoon snack. A schedule is provided below that outlines our meal times as well as our diaper changing times/potty times which occurs approximately every two hours.

Toddler Classroom Goals:

  • Provide a positive potty training environment through positive reinforcement
  • Teach toddlers how to express emotions using their words
  • Encourage children to accomplish things on their own (with help as needed)
  • Learns shapes, colors and sizes
  • Provide an array of activities to stimulate fine motor, gross motor, social and cognitive skills
  • Teach the concepts of classroom rules, sharing and turn taking
  • Assist in developing self help skills (dressing, eating independently, etc.)

7:00-9:00 – Arrival/Free Play/Clean Up
9:00-9:15 – Breakfast Snack
9:15-9:45 – Diaper Changes or Potty
9:45-10:00 – Circle Time
10:00-10:30 – Outside/Gym Time                                                                                  10:30-10:40 Handwashing/Drinks
10:40-11:00 – Art
11:00-11:30 – Learning Centers
11:30-12:00 – Story & Music
12:00-1:00 – Lunch/ Diapers or Potty/Quiet Reading
1:00-3:00 – Nap
3:00-3:30 – Wake Up/Diapers or Potty
3:30-3:45 – Afternoon Snack
3:45-4:00 – Group Activity
4:00-4:30 – Outside/Gym Time                                                                                      4:30-4:40 Handwashing/Drinks
4:40-5:00 – Table Toys/Diapers or Potty
5:00-6:00 – Free Play/Departure