Social Skills Kids Will Learn at Kare-A-Lot Preschool

Social Skills Kids Will Learn at Kare-A-Lot Preschool

Developing healthy social skills is a crucial part of early childhood development. Most aspects of life require us to use our social skills, and having places where we can practice and enhance those skills is important, especially so for children.

Getting opportunities to interact with other kids their age, learning how to interact with children younger and older than themselves, and having chances to navigate the social dynamics of interacting with adults help naturally hone the social skills of young children. 

Here at Kare-A-Lot Preschool, we are committed to helping children flourish and grow, and this includes helping them as they start to learn healthy social skills. 

A blog post from himama Early Childhood Education Blog explains the need for these social environments for young kids beautifully, “Children need to be in environments where they can learn skills that pertain to safety, security, and self-control, and childcare settings offer excellent opportunities for children to learn how to interact with other children and trusted adults. Because children are around other children and adults, they have more opportunities for social interactions that require and enhance effective social skills.”

So if you are wondering how much a preschool can really contribute to your child’s social development, check out these three social skills that we focus on here at Kare-A-Lot Preschool!

Social Skills Kids Will Learn at Kare-A-Lot Preschool


We Teach Kids How To Get Along With One Another

All kids are unique and different from each other; and while this is a good thing, different desires and ways of thinking will eventually lead to conflict or friction. But this isn’t a bad thing.

Being in situations where kids can be walked through conflicting ideas teaches them how to understand someone else’s point of view and learn how to compromise when it’s appropriate.

One of the key elements of these situations is having a kind, trusted adult around who can help walk kids through these situations and teach them how to get along, even if they don’t agree. Our teachers are committed to helping kids learn the fundamentals of getting along with others.

We Help Kids Learn How to Navigate Tough Emotional Situations

Talking about walking kids through disputes sounds all well and good, but not every situation ends smoothly with happy compromise. Many times these situations can devolve into tough emotional situations.

Preschool-age kids are at the age where they are experiencing the whole range of emotions without having a lot of tools to know how to deal with them. Feelings like anger, sadness, and frustration are a regular part of most little kids’ lives, and these emotions can be exacerbated in settings with peers.

These situations have to happen, though, for kids to learn how to work through them. Having skilled teachers helps in this area immensely. Teachers are able to engage kids, help soothe them, and talk the kids through their feelings and what to do in the moment to help calm down and move forward.

Having the chances to learn how to deal with these emotions and work through tough situations as young children leads to healthy, emotionally stable adults.

We Teach Kids How To Work Together As a Group

The foundational skills of knowing how to get along with others and work through tough emotions when things don’t go their way lead right into the next social skill we focus on at Kare-A-Lot Preschool: teaching kids how to work together as a group or team.

Learning how to work together toward a common goal is a vital foundational skill that every person needs to learn. When young kids work toward a goal with others, they get even more opportunities to practice their new skills of compromise, kindness, empathy, and emotional processing.

Kids developing their social skills is a very important part of their growing up, and a preschool setting is a great place for kids to learn them! We are committed to helping kids learn these skills here at Kare-A-Lot Preschool!