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June 3rd – Water Days Start

Water days will go from June 3rd to August 12th. During water days children will play in water tables, wading pools or sprinklers. Infant 2’s water day will be on Thursday, Infant 3’s water day will be on Friday, Toddler 1’s water day will be on Monday, Toddler 2’s water day will be on Wednesday, Preschool’s water day will be on Tuesday, PreK’s water

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June 5th & 19th – Jumpbunch visits

All classes Toddler 1 and up will participate in the gym class Jumpunch.

June 14th – Father’s Day Breakfast

On June 14th we will have a light breakfast for fathers on the table near the couches. Please feel free to take it to go or you can stay and enjoy it here. We invite all fathers to stop and have some breakfast on us.

June 14th – Captive Born Reptiles Visits

Captive Born Reptiles will visit Kare-a-Lot at 3:30 reinforce or reptile theme. All classes Toddlers and up will get to participate.

December 25th – December 29th – Kare-a-Lot Closed

Kare-a-Lot closed for the holiday.