Toys for Healthy Childhood Development

In our very electronic world, it can seem like all kids want to do is sit in front of a screen. But there are plenty of fun toys out there for kids that also help with early childhood development. Check out the list below of some of our favorite toys for healthy childhood development.

Toys for Healthy Childhood Development

Traditional Shape Sorter

One of the best toddler toys out there for early development is the shape sorter. The best versions of this toy are the ones that have large, uncomplicated shapes. Try to find a sorter that has four or five slots with an easy way to remove the pieces.

Shape sorters help develop gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills.


There isn’t a child out there that doesn’t love bubbles! Not only are bubbles fun to watch and pop, but they inadvertently encourage exercise when children chase and jump after them as well. They can also be used to help cognitive development from a science lesson standpoint.

You can either buy bubbles at the store or make your own at home very easily with a recipe from Pinterest.

Bubbles are great for developing motor skills, social skills, and cognitive development.

Picture books

Reading picture books to young children is a great way to help them develop their cognitive skills! Words aren’t necessarily even the most important part of the books at this age–getting to see the pictures creates a whole new world for their imagination to process and learn about. 

Make sure you talk about the different pictures with them, point things out, and ask their opinions about the story or characters. Engaging kids like this gets their little brains thinking and your might be surprised by the responses you get from them.


Play clothes and costumes are a great way for kids to develop their social skills, emotional skills, and cognitive skills. 

Wearing costumes and playing pretend are a great way for children to step outside of their natural world and normal routine to grow their imaginations.

This also helps promote social and emotional skills because of the playing pretend element–it encourages them to play well with others, try new things, and listen to the ideas of their friends as they create their imaginary world.


Puppets are fun, creative, and imaginative; they help develop motor and language skills in young children, as well!

Puppets can be used to sing songs, read stories, or reenact scenarios that can teach lessons about real-life scenarios the kids may encounter. They are great ways to talk and play with your toddlers!

Puppets can be purchased or you can make your own. Making puppets is easily done out of socks, paper bags, or crocheted or knitted materials.